Awesome zero-waste initiatives in our neighbourhood – what more can we do?

Apr 30 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
St. Matthew’s United Church, 729 St. Clair W (one block west of Christie, enter from Rushton)

We are lucky to have two of Toronto’s most awesome zero-waste initiatives right in our neighbourhood  - The Tool Library and the Repair Café, at 830 St Clair W (near Atlas). At this meeting hear from two of the champions behind these initiatives, Lawrence Alvarez (Tool Library) and Paul Magder (Repair Café).

Lawrence and Paul will talk about their current programs as well as sharing exciting ideas for more zero waste initiatives that we could bring to our neighbourhood. The Tool Library location could be open a further 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). What’s needed are new ideas for either program so that our community can make full use of this amazing space. So bring your ideas and zero-waste enthusiasm and let’s talk about what more we can do. Let’s see what we can dream up together!

Tool LibraryLawrence Alvarez and others started the Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot, a fabulous zero-waste initiative, in 2013. And about a year ago, they opened their 3rd location in our neighbourhood at 830 St Clair W near Atlas Ave. Score! It is open 4 days a week, and provides hand tools, power tools, gardening and camping equipment, and toys on loan to members. Sharing items reduces environmental waste and clutter in the home, as well as providing tools and training to support a zero-waste ‘fix-it’ culture.

Repair Café Paul Magder and others started the Toronto Repair Café in 2013 at Skills for Change on St Clair W and it has become a roving city-wide success. For almost a year, we’ve been lucky to have the Repair Café’s permanent home at the Tool Library in our neighbourhood where they fix things every Sunday – for free! They’ve helped hundreds of people repair items promoting a culture of ‘if its broken, repair it” rather than throwing it out, and have diverted hundreds of items from landfill. Awesome!